Our Story


“Love yourself enough to eat healthy food, love others enough to share it.”

White Camel Hummus was born out of necessity.  Years ago we set out to replicate a truly authentic, all natural hummus that you could only find in the Middle East.  The journey has been interesting and enlightening.  We were looking to recreate the delicious, smooth and silky Mediterranean style hummus beloved by everyone in that part of the world.  The problem was that most people have never tasted "real" hummus.  The American pallet has become indoctrinated to hummus that is thick, pasty and loaded with garlic or some unearthy looking topping.  The more we searched the more we become obsessed with our mission; to introduce a truly great, fresh hummus that everyone can eat all the time any time - a delicious, clean label, 100% natural product with no preservatives. 

It took a lot of time, effort and the perfecting of a 300 year old recipe (there were no preservatives 300 years ago), but finally we were able to create a product that was pure in taste and true to its heritage.  Once people tried White Camel they became hooked on the smooth consistency and clean fresh taste.  

Food unites us.  Sharing food with others forms a common bond.  It doesn't matter who you are or where you come from, when you bring someone food it establishes a personal connection.  Today, in a world so divided, the love of good food is something that brings us together.  Hummus is a perfect example because it is enjoyed worldwide by so many cultures.  White Camel is passionate about connecting people with products that are all natural, fresh and wholesome.  Our goal is to create a company dedicated to that philosophy.

"There is no sincerer love than the love of food" - George Bernard Shaw